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ISO 12: officially released! Top New Features!

ISO 12: officially released! Top New Features!

Grouped Notifications
Another one of the outstanding features of iOS 12 revolves around its improved notifications system. Notifications are finally grouped by application, which helps keep Notification Center and the Lock screen more organized.

Grouped notifications allow you to selectively expand or collapse all notifications related to a specific app. The new and improved system also lets you interact with a single notification, or a group of notifications in one fell swoop.
Managing Notifications
Adding even more depth to Notifications on iOS 12 is the new ability to deliver notifications quietly, or disable notifications directly. Quiet notifications will still appear in Notification Center, but will not appear on the lock screen and will refrain from presenting a banner, playing a sound, or displaying a badge on the app icon.

Battery monitoring

iOS has long has the ability to monitor battery usage to some degree, but iOS 12 includes more verbose battery monitoring tools that are persistent even after a reboot. There’s a new battery level graph that corresponds directly with an activity level graph to help you better understand your battery usage. iOS 12 will also display battery usage by app sorted by the most battery hungry application.

Measure app
Upon installing iOS 12, you’ll find a brand new app on your Home screen — the Measure app. The Measure app is an ARKit app that does exactly as its name implies, letting users measure real objects using augmented reality. Measure also offers the leveler, which was once hidden inside the Compass app, its own dedicated tab.

Animoji improvements
Admittedly, the initial popularity of Animoji has faded a bit, but it’s still fun to revisit from time to time. Included with iOS 12 are four additional new Animoji: koala, tiger, ghost, or T-rex.

In addition to the four new characters, Animoji now has both winking and tongue detection, which adds more variety to the facial expressions. Users can also record longer Animoji (up to 30 seconds) thanks to iOS 12.
What’s more exciting than four new Animoji? Memoji, of course — a virtually unlimited custom-animated 3D avatar in the same vein. With Memoji Maker, you can create your own animated character with customized hairstyle, skin color, eyes, nose and lips, ears, facial hair, and much more.

Screen Time
ScreenTime is a new iOS 12 features that lends you insights about how much you use your iOS device. Screen Time includes weekly reports, downtime and app limit scheduling, and content and privacy restrictions.

If you find yourself using your iPhone or iPad more than you’d like, then Screen Time is a great first step in helping you gain control of your usage. It’s also a handy tool for parents, because it allows them to monitor their children’s usage, and restrict usage if needed.
Photos app
The For You tab in the Photos app provides intelligent sharing suggestions to quickly share photos with friends. You’ll also find an updated and much smarter search option that provides suggestions for recent events, people, and places.

An updated Albums tab still provides quick access to all of your app and user-created albums, but you’ll now find a list of media types for quickly distilling particular types of media like Live Photos, Slo-mo, Screenshots and more.

Camera effects
The Messages app in iOS 12 is, to be honest, sort of a mixed bag. For example, I’m not a fan of the way photo sharing is presented inside the updated Messages app. Yet, there are some notable enhancements to be found for marking up your photos and videos with special effects for sharing with your friends.

Default camera effects include Animoji masks for your face, filters, text, and shapes, and activity app stickers. You can also include third-party app stickers as camera effects, and all items are tracked to stay in their relative position in the case of video.
Siri Shortcuts
Siri Shortcuts brings deeper automated actions to iOS 12 that can be triggered directly by Siri. By default, the Siri & Search section of the Settings app will provide suggested shortcuts that you can assign to a Siri trigger. The new standalone Shortcuts app, however, is your main tool for creating custom Siri Shortcuts in iOS 12.

Based on the foundation established by Workflow, Shortcuts is a powerful automation tool that provides a wealth of trigger-able actions that can be accessed at any time from iOS using only your voice. What’s even better is that Shortcuts are automatically shared via iCloud, so you can access them on other eligible devices.

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