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Fortnite Season 6:Upcoming Cosmetics Leaked in Fortnite Patch v6.01 (Skins, Pickaxes, Gliders, More

Here are all the upcoming cosmetics found in Fortnite’s Patch v6.01, including skins, pickaxes, gliders, and more.


Name: Hay Man (Male)
Desc: Scare. Those. Crows
Rarities: Epic

Name: Straw Ops (Female)
Desc: The harvest grows near
Name: Dark Glyph (Dark Bomber Glider)
Desc: Indecipherable

Name: Field Wraith (Scarecrow)
Desc: Don’t just scare crows, give them nightmares
Name:Thunder Crash (Dark Bomber)
Desc: Wield the thunder  

Name: Harvester (Scarecrow) 
Desc: Reap what you sow Rarity: Rare

Back Blings 
Name: Hay Nest (Male) 
Desc: Hatch a plan 

Name: Birdhovel 
Desc: Keep your enemies close Rarity: Epic

Desc: Chin up, arms straight! 
Rarity: Uncommon

Expect these cosmetics to appear soon this week in the Item Shop. The T-Pose emote is definitely one to laugh about, hopefully we’ll see in-game footage shortly. Interesting, it seems we’ve finally got a full Dark Bomber pickaxe model and Dark Glyph back bling to go with her.

Credit to @FNBRLeaks for Item Descriptions and Titles, and Credit to r/FortniteLeaks for data-mined photos.

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