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Google Pixel Slate release date, news and features!

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Google Pixel Slate specs

Now that Google has finally revealed the Google Pixel Slate, we finally know much more about what’s inside the new Google tablet. Google claims that it will be “bringing the power and productivity of a desktop to a gorgeous tablet,” and, if the specs are any indication, they’re totally right.
To begin with, the Google Pixel Slate will a pixel density of 293ppi. We don’t know the size of the display or the actual resolution quite yet, but it promises to be gorgeous. This beautiful display is then topped off with a pair of front firing speakers that bring your music to life.
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Unfortunately, we don’t know the specific hardware under the hood, but with its price point, we’re assuming that the Google Pixel Slate will be using an ARM processor. Beyond that, we do know that the Google Pixel Slate will have a fingerprint sensor built into the power button.
But, what’s more impressive is the removable keyboard. This Pixel Slate Keyboard connects in two spots, and can maintain an operating connection while separated, making it a spiritual successor to the Pixel C – at least partly. It’s an expensive keyboard, and we’ll see whether or not it’s worth the expense when we get our hands on it for a full review. 

Google Pixel Slate price

We now know exactly how much the Google Pixel Slate is going to cost, and it’s a bit more than we were expecting. You’ll be able to pick up the Google Pixel Slate starting at $599 (about £450, AU$850), which positions the Google Pixel Slate to take on the iPad Pro. 
Compared to a Surface Pro device, this is pretty affordable, and makes it very competitive with other non-google-manufactured Chromebooks on the market in 2018. 

Google Pixel Slate Features

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Customized Chrome OSWith the Google Pixel Slate, Google has customized Chrome OS to make it even better for the touch screen. Not only is the UI more touch-friendly, but it’s much more flexible, allowing users to use Linux apps and customize every inch of the OS. 
Improved securityThanks to the new Titan security chip, you don’t have to worry about the security of your device. The Google Pixel Slate not only has built-in virus protection at the hardware level, but it will automatically update in the background, so your protection is always up to date. 
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Pixel Slate KeyboardMuch like the Microsoft Surface Pro, you can use the Pixel Slate with an exclusive detachable keyboard. Coupled with the folio hinge, you can use the Pixel Slate with the keyboard at whatever angle you like. That is, if the $199 price tag isn’t too much to swallow. 

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