OnePlus 6T First Look In Midnight Black and Mirror Black Leak!

Technically, one color, two (slightly) different variants, which just so happen to coincide with the two main OnePlus 6 options. We’re talking “Midnight Black” and “Mirror Black” flavors, hiding snazzy glass covers under a refined new “frosted” surface.

 Speaking of things hiding new stuff, it’s no longer a secret that the OnePlus 6T supports in-screen fingerprint recognition technology, freeing up a little bit of space at the back and helping the next-gen “flagship killer” to stand out from most mainstream flagships in the Western Hemisphere.
This is definitely a love-or-hate aesthetic vision, but one thing we know most of you will loathe is the death of the time-honored headphone jack. On the bright side, a significantly larger 3,700 mAh battery is expected to reside under the hood of a slightly larger 6.4-inch OnePlus 6T (the OP6 has a 6.28-inch display and 3,300 mAh cell)
Pretty much everything else is rumored to stay the same, from a Snapdragon 845 processor to a maximum of 8GB RAM, with Android 9.0 Pie however likely to run the software show out the box. Who’s looking forward to October 17

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