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Skull Squad Gear Now Available in the Fortnite Item Shop!

The Skull Squad Gear is available now in Fortnite! Complete the challenges to earn the Ghost Portal back bling!
It seems that Epic Games have decided to bring back Skull Trooper and Ghoul Trooper (but as Skull Ranger), but with entirely different designs. They now have a green tint, a blue Scythe pickaxe, and a new Glider. We don’t know yet if these are variants, or the actual new skins you can buy.
The set, titled Skull Squad, is now available in the Item Shop once downtime for Patch v6.02 ends. Once it ends, this article will be updated to show the Item Shop, the prices of each cosmetic and more. The photo shows green tinted skins, but we don’t know if these are just variants or not.
FNBRLeaks claims that the original Skull Trooper is still showing up as in the Item Shop, so these photos may just be variants of the skin that you can unlock with challenges (on top of the Ghost Portal back bling).
Here are the set items.
– Skull Sickle (Pickaxe)
– Crypt Cruiser (Glider)
– Skull Trooper (Skin)
– Skull Ranger (Skin)

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