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Fortnite v6.31 Leaked Cosmetics – Skins, Back Bling, Pickaxes, Gliders, and Emotes


Longshot (Rare) – No target is out of range.
Insight (Rare) – Target in sight.

Back Bling

Scope Satchel (Rare) – Geared for long distance.
Sight Sling (Rare) – Expertly sighted.


Lamp (Uncommon) – The glow is alluring.


Unfortunately it seems that no Gliders were added in Patch v6.31, despite the addition of 2 new Skins and their respective Back Bling.


Mime Time (Rare) – Please take me seriously!
Phone It In (Epic) – Lay down a saxy groove.
Scorecard (Uncommon) – Consider yourself judged.
Showstopper (Rare) – Pull out all the stops.
Which of these Cosmetics are you a fan of, if any? It’s interesting to see so little added with this Patch, specially the lack of variety. Let us know your thoughts below!

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