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While many Fortnite fans thought the whole map would be covered in snow at the beginning of Season 7, Epic Games chose to confine the wintery conditions to one area.

However, new leaks suggest that this may not be the case moving forward in Season 7, as a map has appeared in the v7.10 update files that suggest the entire map could be covered in snow in the near future. First posted on Twitter by leaker FortTory, the map clearly shows snow covering the entire island, including the desert area in the south-east corner of the map.

 This will come as a surprise to many Fortnite fans, who believed they had seen the last of the snowfall on the map when Season 7 started. It’s also surprising due to the fact that the snow found on top of Polar Peak has already begun to melt, with more and more of The Ice King’s castle being revealed as the weeks go past. After the v7.10 update, players can now make their way inside the massive structure, and explore the king’s throne room. With snow set to return and cover the rest of the map, Fortnite fans will be anxious for Epic Games to release the new Driftboard vehicle, a snowboard that appears to have a booster on it to allow the user to travel great distances in a short space of time.

The item was originally set to release with the v7.10 update on Tuesday, December 18, but problems with the item forced Epic Games to announce it had been delayed, with no official announcement as to when we will get our hands on the Driftboard. Of course, Epic Games have previously added weapons, items and files linked to huge events in the past and then never used them, so there’s a chance that this leak could be incorrect and we will never see the whole map covered in snow. Would you like the entire Fortnite island to be covered in snow? Let us know in the comments below!

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