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Fortnite Season 7 Snowfall skin revealed

The Snowfall skin is acquired for completing 9 weeks worth of Fortnite Season 7 Challenges. Due newly discovered assets, the Snowfall skin is officially called Prisoner.

The Prisoner skin was amongst many new assets discovered in v7.30’s files. This skin matches the arm which was seen extending from the ice in Polar Peak’s dungeon.
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Unchained, and out to restore balance.
To unlock the Snowfall skin players must complete 9 weeks worth of Season 7 Challenges. Once complete, the skin will immediately become available to the player for use.
It’s important to remember that players only have a limited amount of time to acquire the skin. As was the case with Season 6’s A.I.M., Season 4’s Omega, and so on; once Season 7 concludes – the Prisoner cannot be unlocked.
The Prisoner can also be seen in the Season 7 Week 9 and 10 Loading Screens.

Week 9

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Week 10

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The Prisoner’s story is not yet known, though it’s likely to be a focal point of the Season 7 finale / Season 8 introduction.
What are your thoughts on the Prisoner skin, is it worth the wait and effort to complete all of the Season 7 Challenges?
In case you haven’t completed some of the Season 7 Challenges, worry not! Below you can find guides to each and every week’s Challenges.

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