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Fortnite v7.20 leaked Skins, Pickaxes, Back Bling, Gliders and Emotes


Malcore (Epic) – Malevolent to the core.
Verge (Uncommon) – Always on the forefront.
Tech Ops (Rare) – Overtake the battlefield.
Jaeger (Epic) – Leading the hunt.
Fyra (Epic) – Lives for the chase.
Cobalt (Epic) – Search and destroy.
The Ice Queen (Legendary) – Long Live The Queen
Cabbie (Uncommon) – First to the fare. First to the finish line.


Diverge (Rare) – Break away from the pack.
Coaxial Copter (Epic) – Dual-rotor tactical copter.
Tusk (Uncommon) – Wild and woolly.
Winter’s Thorn – Ride out the squall

Back Bling

Ark Wings (Legendary) – Pristine Plumage
Malcore Wings (Epic) – Spread your wicked wings.
Emblazoned Buckler (Epic) – To the victor go the spoils.
Runic Shield (Epic) – Claimed in battle.
Capacitor (Rare) – Fully charged.
Ice Spikes (Legendary) – Clad yourself in jagged ice.
Reinforced Backplate (Epic) – Strong and secured.

Harvesting Tools

Evil Eye (Epic) – Always watching. Always.
Clean Cut (Uncommon) – Looks sharp. Actually sharp.
Armature (Uncommon) – Experimental prototype.
Battle Axe (Rare) – Truly Barbaric.
Flimsy Flail (Rare) – Flop til they drop.
Icebringer (Rare) – Bitter cold.



IDK (Uncommon) – Don’t ask me.
Slick (Rare) – Makin’ it look easy.
Flux (Rare) – Stay in the flow.
Whirlwind (Rare) – Around and around abound.

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