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Realme teases new smartphone launch soon it’s all about Entertainment

Update: According to Mobigyaan, a company representative said this will be an already released smartphone with more storage. We are expecting to see the Realme C1 with at least 32 or 64 GB, but we might also get introduced to a Realme 2 with 128 GB.
Original story follows: Realme is announcing a new phone in India and it will be “all about entertainment”. The company teased it on Flipkart as the device to have if you are into movies or photos but did not announce what the name will be. 
Chances are it is either the Realme 3 or the Realme A1 since both are expected to arrive soon. The most intriguing feature, however, is the pictured wide notch, meaning the company is stepping back from the waterdrop cutout for some reason.

Although the assumption the new Realme could have a notch is pretty clear, we see the volume buttons appear both on the left and right side, so the outline is more of a placeholder than aligning with the final design. 
Realme teasers Realme teasers 
 Realme teasers 
If this is indeed the Realme A1, we expect a 6.3” screen, 13 MP camera, Black and Yellow colors, and a price tag no more than €200. There were also rumors about a Realme 3 and a 48 MP snapper.

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