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The Galaxy M series of Samsung will launch in India on 28 January

Samsung's Galaxy S and Note lineups have solidified it as one of the most popular smartphone brands in the United States, but that story is different in other parts of the world. Samsung's been losing a lot of ground to Xiaomi over in India as of late, and in an attempt to get things back on track, Samsung has announced that it'll debut its new Galaxy M series on January 28.

The announcement came in the form of a promo page on Amazon India and highlights a few of the big features we can look forward to — including an Infinity-V display with a waterdrop notch, ultra-wide dual rear cameras, USB-C for charging, and a 3.5mm headphone jack.
Samsung also touts things like "3x faster charging", "a powerful processor", and "Oh-mAh-God battery", but actual specifications are still up in the air.
The current rumor mill suggests that we'll see three new phones released with the M series, including the Galaxy M10, M20, and M30 with prices ranging from around $140 to $280 USD.

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