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Fortnite v7.40 leaked cosmetics – Skins, Pickaxes, Back Bling, Gliders, Emotes, and Wraps


Fallen Love Ranger (Legendary Outfit) – ? V-Bucks
Love hurts.
Lil Whip (Epic Outfit) – ? V-Bucks
Whipped up, and ready to serve.
Rebel (Epic Outfit) – ? V-Bucks
Oppose the establishment.
Revolt (Epic Outfit) – ? V-Bucks
Conquer the system.
Skully (Rare Outfit) – ? V-Bucks
Accept nothing less than stylish domination.


Cuddle Paw (Rare Pickaxe) – ? V-Bucks
Cuddle up with claws.
Ice Pop (Rare Pickaxe) – ? V-Bucks
It can take a lickin’.
Skully Splitter (Rare Pickaxe) – ? V-Bucks
Color coordinated and battle ready.
Chocollama (Uncommon Pickaxe) – ? V-Bucks
Double dipped in chocolate.
Crossroads (Uncommon Pickaxe) – ? V-Bucks
This can go one of two ways…


Ice Cream Cruiser (Rare Glider) – ? V-Bucks
Melty at every altitude.

Back Bling

Fallen Wings (Legendary Back Bling) – ? V-Bucks
Ready to rebound.
Board Bag (Epic Back Bling) – ? V-Bucks
Ready for the grind.
Cannister Carrier (Epic Back Bling) – ? V-Bucks
Spray it, don’t say it.
Sno Cone (Epic Back Bling) – ? V-Bucks
A neverending treat.
Skully Satchel (Rare Back Bling) – ? V-Bucks
Equal parts adorable and disturbing.


Cuddle Hearts (Rare Wrap) – ? V-Bucks
Show your style.
Chromatic (Uncommon Wrap) – ? V-Bucks
Show your style.
Sprinkles (Uncommon Wrap) – ? V-Bucks
Show your style.
Valentine (Uncommon Wrap) – ? V-Bucks
Show your style.


Daydream (Epic Emote) – ? V-Bucks
Dance the day away.
Jamboree (Rare Emote) – ? V-Bucks
Celebrate anything and everything.
Overdrive (Rare Emote) – ? V-Bucks
Push it past the limit.

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