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Second teaser image for Fortnite Season 8

Fortnite's Second Season 8 Teaser Hints At Treasure, Pirate Theme And Boats

We’re in full bore towards Season 8 in Fortnite right now, and Epic has decided to throw a serious curveball in our direction. Season 8 will not be fire-themed, as this earthquake event and prisoner skin might suggest. No, we’re going with Pirates, which the developer revealed in a teaser yesterday. As per tradition, it will be dropping another teaser every day until Thursday when the season kicks off with a new patch. Today’s is a little more cryptic than yesterday’s, but there’s still information to be teased out here. Let’s take a look:

The text here doubles down on the treasure theme that we saw in yesterday’s teaser, which is interesting news indeed. Treasure maps were always a fan favorite but left the game with Season 6, and it seems like they’ll be making a return in some way, shape, or form. They’re likely to be present in battle pass challenges but may tie into some other, larger system that we haven’t yet seen.
There are also some other hints in here: for one thing, we’ve got this snake, which creative director Donald Mustard seems to confirm came out what everyone had been calling the dragon eggs at polar peak. That raises the possibility of that massive world boss people have been speculating about ever since the game appeared to do a dry run of what it would be like for every player in the game to do damage to a single object at once: I thought this was coming at the end of Season 7, and now I definitely think we’ll see it in Season 8.
And then there’s the idea of “arriving on waves.” This could be referring to the serpent itself, but I suspect that it’s a slight teaser for a new boat vehicle. We’ve already confirmed that planes are getting vaulted at the start of Season 8, and Epic may be using vehicles like these as ways to let the theme of a season define not just cosmetics but gameplay as well: season 7 was the plane season, and season 8 may well be the boat season, channelling Sea of Thieves a little bit.

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