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Fortnite Season 8 First Official Teaser Showing Off A Surprise Theme

The image above shows what is clearly a pirate hook hand, implying a pirate skin is coming to the game and possibly, an entire pirate ship arriving on the map in some capacity. There is a riddle attached to the teaser that could imply as much:
‘X’ Marks The Spot
Treasure abound
Loot that has been lost
Can always be found.
Fortnite has done Treasure Maps as challenges in the pass where finding the spot gives you a battle star, but those have been gone for at least a season now. I doubt that this is specifically what this is referencing, but I would hope that they would return as well, as I really enjoyed writing guides for those.
I will say the only connection I can see between the leaks and this pirate theme is that the event is listed as “Cracken” in the backend. This implies both “cracks” as in, the earthquake cracks that we’ve been seeing, but also “The Kraken” as in, the giant sea monster of legend that you know, pirates have fought across a million different folk talks.
I have always thought that all of this may be leading to some sort of monster attack. We already did a test run for this when we all hacked away at a giant iceberg that had a few billion HP, implying some sort of large-scale boss fight that may happen across servers. So we might see the arrival of the Kraken on the Wailing Woods side of the island and then…a pirate ship comes to help or something? I’m not sure, but I do see some loose connection here, and I have never been able to shake the feeling that we are indeed going to see some sort of huge scale monster fight across every server at once, which would be awesome

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